Family Faith Formation

How does the program work?

FYI: There will be no grade-level Faith Formation Classes this school year. 

First and foremost "Family Faith Formation" is a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Through research, discussions with publishers, and discussions with other religious education programs it became apparent that the "Family Faith Formation" Model is the best option for us as a community to continue our Faith Formation without placing the entire burden on the Parents.


But what about my Preschooler?

Don't fret! I will personally be making grade-appropriate activities on top of the family-focused activities found in the Family Faith Formation Books.  If there is an activity/topic you are looking for, let me know! I am an experienced (former) Catholic School Teacher/Catechist. I am here to help!

Stuck? Confused?

No problem! Please email me (Mrs. Deurmeier) directly with any questions. If you need help with an additional activity or other resources, please email me! This is my job - and I want to help!

Please Remember

  • Each Family will need to purchase at least one Parent Guide and one Activity Booklet. You may want to invest in one booklet per child so that each child can have ownership of their work. The activity books are not meant to be completed alone, as seat work, or as busywork. They are intended to coincide with lessons and activities found within the Parent Guide. 

  • If you need any financial support, please ask! We have a few scholarship opportunities for families. We are here to help!

We really appreciate your patience during this temporary adventure.