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Students that are absent from Sacramental Preparation class may make up lessons at home. These "makeups" are only allowed with approval from Mrs. D via email or text. Feel free to use each lesson as a review of previous material.

Chapter Assessments

Turn in completed assessments no later than April 30, 2022

(printed copies available outside Mrs. D's office)

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Parent Meeting

The Sacramental Prep Parent Meeting was held Sunday, February 13 @ 9:30 in the Chapel. 

Missing Lessons

If your child is missing lessons (or you aren't sure) please go through their individual folders. Chapter 7 may have been skipped in Reconciliation and then Chapter 3 in Eucharist. If you are unsure, please ask the teacher of the class. If you'd like to email the teacher, let me know. I will get you that information. 

Please remember that the chapter assessments (separate from the folder and class lessons) will be due at the Retreat on April 30. 


The retreat will be on April 30, 2022, from 9-Noon at the BCCC. 

One parent per student is the minimum. Students will go through different stations with a hands-on approach to the Eucharist. 

One station will include the sacrament of Reconciliation with Father Leo. 

First Reconciliation must take place before First Communion. All students need to go to confession before First Communion, therefore we decided to do Reconciliation during this retreat. One less thing to do! 

Also: bring the Reconciliation and Eucharist Chapter Assessments! 

Chapter Assessments

Chapter Assessments are the two packets that are downloadable from this website (pink box above) or as hard copies that are outside of my office. These are separate from the classroom lessons. They are intended to review material and to give parents an active roll in their childs sacramental preparation.

Sacraments are earned; not given

It has come to my attention that a few parents do not see the point in classes, activities, and/or retreats and extra assignments when it comes to the Sacramental Preparation class. 

The sacraments are not a box to check. They are a part of faith formation which should be cultivated by the family and the parish community. If the requirements, assignments, dates, etc., do not fit into the family schedule, please consider returning next year re-focused. 


RSVP First Communion Mass

Please complete the Google Form below. Laurie will be making pew assignments for families. Please try to complete this by March 1. It should take less than a minute total.


If you have any questions, please direct them to me at